March 30, 2010

I worry about CBD CoP10

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 11:00:00 +0900
I attended DIVERSITAS Meeting in Nagoya during March 24-25.
I am greatly concerned that CBD CoP10 is a repetetion of UNFCCC CoP15 and CITES CoP15; conflict between developing and developed countries. Many Japanese scientists often play a role of mediator who finds a solution that a variety of stakeholders might accept, and is feasible and more or less advanced in the aim of the convention. However, I think scientists in IPCC did not take into account of conflict between parties. CBD scientists like to make a similar organization of IPCC (IPBES), but it is definitely not enough.
IPCC has succeeded to make a concensus of numerical goals, at least among developed countries except USA. UNFCCC will continue although failure of COP15. In contrast, CBD has agreed no numerical and measureble goals or cap-and-trade system. CBD could play a smaller role than UNFCCC. I believe, CBD needs to establish a scientific council that fully and intimate contacts with parties. We need to make a scientific solution that are agreed by parties.
If CBD agreed to reduce per capita Ecological Footprint with a particular numerical goals by CoP11, This may take over UNFCCC. Reducing EF is much easier than reducing CO2 emission for Japan and EU. Developing countries can reduce EF/GDP. These are definitely environment friendly.
Scientists and environmental NGOs do not say these ideas because these are heavy load in developed countries. I think developing countries feel unacceptable disadvantage load, because they still like to develop.


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