December 2, 2008

My recent activity as a Pew Fellow

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 14:18:04 +0900
This October, I invited several persons to 5th World Fisheries Congress and handled session 7 (Conservation and Management).
I encourage (1) more appropriate scientific knowledge in fisheries science (talked by Meryl Williams, CoML Steering Committee), (2) revision of fisheries management system (introducing IQ and ITQ in Japanese offshore fisheries) and (3) acknowledge to coastal co-management in Shiretoko World Heritage site ( As I showed my presentation in Pew Meeting, Asahi Newspaper's leading editorial on Sep 13 ( in Japanese) almost followed the same opinion as (2) and (3). Dr. Makino now frequently organize PICES session and participate FAO and other worldwide meetings as an expert of co-management.


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