January 24, 2009

New Year Message 2009 by Hiroyuki MATSUDA

Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2009 15:34:10 +0900
Dear all
A Happy New Year.
I published two Japanese book as a single author, "Ecological Risk Science, an Introduction" and "Why do we conserve ecosystems?" I invited several persons to 5th World Fisheries Congress and handled session 7 (Biodiversity and Management). I encourage (1) more appropriate scientific knowledge in fisheries science, (2) revision of fisheries management system and (3) acknowledge to coastal co-management in Shiretoko World Heritage site.
Our Global COE acknowledge Asian viewpoints in eco-risk management, (1) risk tradeoff between development and conservation, (2) adaptive ex post facto verification for the precautionary principle, and (3) importance of co-management in fisheries, chemical risks, natural parks and others.
I became a member of Environmental Assessment Committee of a seafood company, visited New Zealand and Dutch Harbor, and learned ITQ system and collaboration with native fishers.
I hope you have a happy new year and healthy life with your family.
Best Regards,
Hiroyuki Matsuda


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