November 2, 2010

Why was Aichi Target and Nagoya Protocol agreed?

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2010 06:29:07 +0900
I hope that all felt more or less happy at the end of COP10. Aichi target and Nagoya Protocol were agreed! I greatly acknowledge all of your efforts for COP10.
I gave four comments to a Japanese newspaper, (1) Japanese hospitality was well acknowledged, and it might help consensus building among parties. (2) Japanese prime minsiter used "gift of nature" instead of "ecosystem services". I think the former word may include ethical mind, while the latter word is based on utilitarianism. (3) COP10 was a very good chance for Japanese to remind the value of nature conservation. Older Japanese people still know many traditional knowledge of how to use natural resources and acknowledge the gift of nature. If the generation of grandchildren learn these knowledge, I expect Japanese ecosystem services will be well conserved. (4) COP10 is a good chance to discuss the balance between nature conservation and sustainable use.
[According to L15 in, Satoyama Initiative referred to UNESCO's MAB program.]


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