February 23, 2015

International Workshop for UNESCO’s MAB Programme: Future of Japanese and International MAB Activities. (Draft Agenda)

Date and Venue: 13:00-16:00, February 16 (Mon.), Flyer
(12:05-12:50 Lunch in “Porty” Bldg. S1-5)
Room 1-316, Bldg. S7-5, Yokohama National University)
(see http://risk.kan.ynu.ac.jp/matsuda/campus.jpg for the campus map of YNU)
Dr. Maureen Reed (University of Saskatchewan, Canada),
Dr. Tetsu Sato (RIHN, Japan)
Dr. Kenji Kitamura (RIHN, Japan)
Dr. Hiroyuki Matsuda (Yokohama National Univ./Japanese National Committee of MAB)
Dr. Akiko Sakai (Yokohama National Univ./ Japanese Coordinating Committee for MAB)
Purpose of the WS: We will share recognition of (1) how to reactivate Japanese MAB, (2) draft of the New MAB strategy, and (3) common and different properties between Japanese and Canadian MAB activities.
12:00 Lunch (H.M. introduces Shiga Highland and Yakushima BR zoning plans)
12:50 Move to Workshop
13:00 H.M. & A.S.: History of Japanese MAB
13:30 A.S. Development of Japanese Biosphere Reserve Network
13:50-14:10 (H.M. moves to another event)
14;00 A.S. Future perspective of Japanese MAB activities
14:30 H.M.: MAB New Strategy
15:00 Discussion
By 16:50 End of WS
If you like to join us, please send email to matsuda @ ynu.ac.jp


At October 25, 2017 at 7:45 PM , Blogger mackyton said...

Thanks for sharing about this interesting workshop planning. My cousin went for a painting exhibition at one of the lovely corporate events NYC nearby her place. Loved the exotic collection and bought two of them for her living room. Highly spoke of quality food and drinks.


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