October 2, 2012

Why does the MSY concept survive in Europe?

Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 10:41:36 +0900 I do not know why EU re-introduces MSY concept into its policy. But I think there may be a controversy between European fisheries scientists. Some like MSY and Some do not like MSY. (Ray Hilborn does not like it. He was a keynote speaker of the 6th World Fisheries Congress in UK. But I did not listen his talk) In addition, if we consider "MSY" from the entire ecosystem rather than MSY from a single species, or if we consider "MS ecosystem services" from the single stock/entire ecosystem, the catch limit is usually smaller than the classic MSY. (Matsuda & Abrams 2006, Matsuda et al. 2008). Anyway, there are several theory to decrease appropriate catch limit. EU and US and Japan may adopt different ways. It is interesting.


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