November 3, 2010

MAB activities in COP10

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 14:45:38 +0900
1. Thank you for supporting and encouraging COP10.
Our side event held on Oct. 26 afternoon at Shirotori Hall (Venue for COP10 Working Group II). 194 persons participated our event. I thank Ana Persic for a nice talk on biodiversity and cultural diversity in MAB BR. I also thank Sun-Kee Hong Salvatore Arico and Gretchen Kalonji for joining as speakers. I also thank UNESCO Jakarta for accepting us to distribute DVD for Asian MAB to all audience.
2. COP10 is a good chance to discuss the balance between nature conservation and sustainable use. According to L15 in, Satoyama Initiative referred to UNESCO's MAB programme.
3. After the side event, Ana and Prof. Hong visited Aya where a town in preparation of a new BR.
4. Recently, Japanese Coordinating Committe for MAB organized "Japan Biosphere Reserves Network" (J-BRnet). It will support mutual communication and support among BRs and its candicates. At least I distribute a "monthly" newsletter by email to members of J-BRnet. J-BRnet includes 4 BRs in Japan and other sites in preparation of new BRs. Members consist of local scientists, staff of municipality, and citizen stakeholders of each site.
5. We remade a web site of Japanese Coordinating Committe for MAB (see J-BRnet is shown in (sorry in Japanese) or


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