November 3, 2010

International Stone Tidal Weir Summit in Shiraho

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 14:45:38 +0900
6. Finally, I joined another meeting just after COP10 in Ishigaki Island (a very close to Taiwan); "International Stone Tidal Weir Summit In Shiraho, Japan for creating SATOUMI", organized by WWF Japan and local conservation society "Sa-bu". I attach the program and Joint Declaration for SATOUMI.
Stone tidal weir is a gentle way to catch fish through the flood and ebb of tides. It
was once part of the fishing traditions of the world. In this Summit, people from France, Spain, Korea, Taiwan, Micronesia, Phillippine and sevaral sites of Japan joined.
This is also a good exercise for education and UNESCO activities.


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