April 5, 2015

International Symposium "Biological Conservation Planning under Uncertainties"

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Date: 4th April 2015 (Sat)
Place: Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Tokyo
Organized by the Environmental Research and Technology Development (S-9) of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Collaborated by COSIE, Yokohama National University
  1. 10:00-10:10 T. Miyashita(Univ. Tokyo), Opening remarks
  2. 10:10-11:10 M. Burgman (Univ. Melbourne), “Dealing with uncertainty in population models: how to fill information gaps and make good decisions when information is scarce”
  3. 11:10-11:40 A. Hanea (Univ. Melbourne) “Quantifying uncertainty with structured expert judgement”
  4. 11:40-12:10 H. Yokomizo (NIES), “Optimal management strategies to control deer populations in Chiba prefecture using a spatially explicit model”
  5. (12:10-13:30“Lunch time”)
  6. 13:30-14:00 C. E. Hauser (Univ. Melbourne), “Smart search strategies to eradicate an invasive weed”
  7. 14:00-14:30J-H. Lee (Kyushu Univ.), “Ecosystem management of Mongolian grasslands” (tentative)
  8. 14:30-15:00T. Kitakado (TUMSAT), “Extinction risk assessment for the Erimo population of harbor seals”
  9. (15:00-15:15 “Break”)
  10. 15:15-15:45A. Takenaka (NIES), “Extinction risks and conservation area prioritization for Japanese vascular flora”
  11. 15:45-16:15 M. Matsuba (Univ. Tokyo), “Forecasting future diversity and distributions of butterflies under climate change in Japan”
  12. 16:15-16:45 S. Nishijima (YNU), “A novel biodiversity footprint based on extinction risks to evaluate the effect of international wood trade”
  13. 16:45-17:05T. Yahara (Kyushu Univ.)“Conservation planning under uncertainty: lessons from conservation practice in Japan and SE Asia”
  14. 17:05-17:30 Discussion moderated by H. Matsuda (YNU)


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